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  • Molded-In Seat
  • Sit-on-top Seats (2)
  • Molded-In Footwells
  • Tankwell w/ Bungee
  • Molded-thru Side Handles
  • Kayak Karrier Handles (Bow & Stern)


Everything you enjoyed about the Rambler can now be shared with a paddling buddy. This feature rich sit-on-top offers a roomy tankwell and recessed storage trays to help keep everything with-in reach. Perfect for all skill levels and can be used on lakes, ocean bays, light surf or even slow moving rivers.


  • Length 13’6” / 412 cm
  • Width 34” / 86 cm
  • Weight 78 lbs / 35 kg
  • Capacity 550 lbs / 249 kg